Our Risk Advisories and Alert service provide travellers with 24/7 real-time, quick response, area-specific incident analysis and travel advisories. On an annual basis we produce more than 20,000 Alerts that our resellers and partners send directly to travellers' devices.

The service is traveller focused, ensuring personnel and expatriates have access to timely, accurate information and guidance at all times. Travel security processes and duty of care responsibilities are streamlined during a crisis through timely reporting of ‘on the ground’ information.

While most Risk Advisories and Alerts present information on incidents that negatively impact travel plans or client operations, we also report on incidents that are unlikely to have any impact, in order to dispel rumours and preemptively address concerns of in-country clients.

Output can be broadly divided into predictive and reactive categories:

  • A predictive notice will assess the impact of a forthcoming event, allowing firms to anticipate potential disruptions to company operations or planned travel. These incidents may include a planned demonstration, an international summit or an approaching hurricane.
  • A reactive alert will assess the impact of an unexpected event that has already taken place. While our analysts track trends and patterns that can impact our clients, many individual incidents are difficult to forecast, such as a terrorist attack or an attempted coup d’état.


As a supplement to our country reports and advisory services, Riskline also provides detailed country Risk Maps that draw attention to higher risk areas where visitors are more likely to encounter problems.

Country repors COUNTRY REPORTS

Updated and edited for content regularly, Riskline's Country Reports contain in-depth analysis and a comprehensive security overview of a specific country, and include information on political stability, conflict and terrorism, crime, corruption and law as well as environmental and health risks.

Personal Safety Reports are incorporated with the Country Reports and offer essential guidance to navigate country-specific threats to travel safety, regional hotspots, general safety and cultural/religious sensitivities.

These are customisable products that can be tailored to client specifications.

City repors CITY REPORTS

In an effort to provide more focused assessments of local travel and security issues, Riskline also has an extensive database of City Safety Reports.

This database includes more than 235 of the most popular and most dangerous urban destinations for travellers worldwide. Each report provides useful travel information (international airports, public and private transportation options) as well as city-specific threats to travel (from terrorist attack to petty crime).


Riskline’s Special Reports provide useful information and advice for visiting or in-country personnel during a major international event or regional security issue. Recent Special Reports were available for travellers ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and for regional health crises, such as the worldwide Zika virus and MERS-CoV outbreak in Asia.


Subscribers to Riskline Global 24/7 receive a free daily intelligence briefing on relevant world events over the previous 24 hours and anticipated events in the next 24 hours that pose an immediate threat to travel safety, security or reliability.

Delivered each morning, seven days a week, the Daily Brief allows clients to stay ahead of incidents that include transportation strikes, protests, terrorist attacks, criminal activity and disease outbreaks – all in one concise report.

The Daily Brief is sent three times a day as follows:

Europe, Middle East and Africa: 09:00 in Copenhagen, Denmark

North and South America: 09:00 in New York City, United States of America

Asia and Pacific: 09:00 in Sydney, Australia