Resellers Control Panel
The Reseller Control Panel is the all-in-one tool that allows fast, easy and secure client management and analytics.
Adding new clients, users and services is easy inside the panel.
Each client has its own subdomain, users and services. Temporary accounts can be created for prospective clients.
Resellers Clients
Riskline Client Users
For each client two types of users can be create created: admins and basic users. An admin has access to the editing tools available on the country report pages.
We also provide an intranet link for each client that allows access to the country report pages without a login.
Riskline Intranet
Riskline Reseller Services
Resellers can enable a variety of services for each client. These include Email Alerts, Pre-Travel Advisories, Daily Briefs and Custom Risk Levels. To learn more about our services please visit the Services page.