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22 May 2020

Imagining travel in a post-coronavirus world

The coronavirus pandemic will likely change the way we travel forever, with public health concerns likely taking precedence over privacy and civil liberties

18 May 2020

Collateral effects of COVID-19 restrictions: discrimination and abuse

Increased cases of discrimination and abuse have been reported across the globe as an unintended consequence of COVID-19 related restrictions. What steps can be undertaken by authorities and what role should employers play in mitigating and responding to their employees' well-being?

13 May 2020

Five countries that are on the way to improve from COVID-19

With over four million confirmed cases and upwards of 290,000 fatalities in the world, there are few signs of the COVID-19 pandemic slowing its rampage across the globe. However, some countries appear to have managed to slow down the rate of new cases and now seem to be on a slow and probably difficult path towards recovery

12 May 2020

COVID-19 Travel Report: Navigating travel in a post-pandemic world

It's unlikely travel will return in the same form as we knew it before COVID-19. With this report, we highlight some of these changes that have already been implemented and those that are planned. We hope it's useful as employers and employees consider venturing out on the road again.

11 May 2020

Sticking to the basics: Vietnam's low-cost approach to tackling COVID-19

Vietnam has emerged as one of a handful of countries worldwide that have successfully managed to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. While the country lacks the capacity to conduct large-scale aggressive testing like South Korea or major epidemiological surveillance like Singapore, its practical low-cost approach has proven to be just as effective in preventing the spread of the virus.

07 May 2020

Weekly COVID-19 Report: cautious positivity underway for parts of Western Europe

We publish a free report on the latest updates and risk assessments related to the COVID-19 global pandemic each Thursday. This past week we've re-assessed the COVID-19 risk levels of 12 countries and take a look at the relaxation of restrictions in parts of Asia-Pacific, but also a surge in cases in Brazil, Russia and Turkey.