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28 March 2019

Impending oil boom rises political stakes in Guyana

Constitutional crisis, associated uncertainty for oil operators and investors and foreign pressure are looming over the soon-to-be oil-rich Guyana following a government no-confidence vote on 21 December 2018.

13 March 2019

Antisemitism in the West

A reported rise in antisemitic violence, indifference and hostile remarks has left the Jewish community in the West feeling increasingly vulnerable.

06 March 2019

Tensions between India and Pakistan in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack

A terror attack by Pakistan-based militants in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state has led to a series of military confrontations between Indian and Pakistani forces in and around the Kashmir region. But leaders of both countries are unlikely to allow tensions from escalating to a war which would be devastating for the two nuclear-armed nations.

27 February 2019

Thailand’s elections: a consolidation of military-ruled democracy

After much postponement, Thai elections will take place on 24 March. However, it is unlikely that the outcome will dilute the military’s role in governing the country, as constitutional and electoral provisions will ensure it will continue to dominate the country’s politics for the foreseeable future.

18 February 2019

Internet shutdowns: the new temptation of African regimes

In times of elections or unrest, African countries are increasingly darkening on the global map of the Web, disappearing for days – even weeks. The cutoff of all telecommunications has emerged as an effective and fashionable part of the arsenal of African regimes that fear popular uprisings and international discontent.

18 February 2019

Riskline to attend the Business Travel Show 2019

Riskline is pleased to attend the Business Travel Show 2019 in London from 20 to 21 February.

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