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18 February 2019

Internet shutdowns: the new temptation of African regimes

In times of elections or unrest, African countries are increasingly darkening on the global map of the Web, disappearing for days – even weeks. The cutoff of all telecommunications has emerged as an effective and fashionable part of the arsenal of African regimes that fear popular uprisings and international discontent.

18 February 2019

Riskline to attend the Business Travel Show 2019

Riskline is pleased to attend the Business Travel Show 2019 in London from 20 to 21 February.

06 February 2019

Anti-government protests in Sudan

Despite ongoing unrest in Sudan, the rule of 75-year-old strong man al-Bashir is not under threat. Protests are expected to continue though, as major social and economic difficulties remain unsolved.

29 January 2019

Overcoming the political crisis in Tunisia’s transition towards democracy

In the face of growing unrest, Tunisia’s main political forces need to overcome infighting and conflict to allow the government to implement effective policy and enable the country’s next step in its transition to democracy.

23 January 2019

Gasoline Crisis: How Mexico's fight against corruption triggered unforeseen consequences

A change of strategy in fuel distribution has triggered unforeseen shortages in over a dozen states while the federal government is embarking on a fight against fuel theft and corruption to improve the economy and security situation.

15 January 2019

The outcome of the last general elections in Bangladesh and what lies ahead

Protests by the opposition are likely to continue in the near-term and have the potential to escalate to unrest after the election victory by the ruling Awami League party, which has been increasingly accused of being authoritarian.

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