07 May 2020

Weekly COVID-19 Report: cautious positivity underway for parts of Western Europe

We publish a free report on the latest updates and risk assessments related to the COVID-19 global pandemic each Thursday. This past week we've re-assessed the COVID-19 risk levels of 12 countries and take a look at the relaxation of restrictions in parts of Asia-Pacific, but also a surge in cases in Brazil, Russia and Turkey.

This past week we re-assessed the COVID-19 risk levels of 12 countries, including Barbados, Germany and India. While some countries in Western Europe have made plans to begin the easing of restrictions, cases are continuing to surge in Brazil, Russia and Turkey.

As the transportation sector looks towards to the return of travel, several companies have outlined new measures that will be implemented to ensure passanger safety. Eurostar announced that passengers will have to wear face masks or face coverings at their stations and onboard cross-Channel trains, which pass through London, Paris and Lille in France, and Brussels in Belgium. In the United States, JetBlue, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Frontier Airlines announced that passengers, as well as cabin crew, are required to wear masks on flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not yet mandated the use of masks for all carriers.

Meanwhile, parts of Asia-Pacific continue to see improvements. In South Korea, more establishments, including museums and national parks, started reopening and the ban on gatherings and events will be lifted, so long as organisers follow health guidelines, from 6 May. In New Zealand, the country transitioned to "Alert Level 3" after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reported that there was "no widespread undetected community transmission". The island nation reported less than 10 daily new infections for several days at the end of April.

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