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07 July 2020

Hong Kong’s National Security Law: Implications and Consequences

While China maintains that the law is essential for securing Hong Kong’s economic and political stability, there are serious concerns that it undermines the territory’s autonomy.

03 July 2020

Travel bubbles: the latest travel trend in the age of COVID-19

As more neighbouring countries create travel bubbles with one another, the next few months will likely see more travellers reach their destinations on cars, buses and trains rather than large planes.

29 June 2020

Earthquake evacuation during COVID-19

This is an account by one of our analysts who recently experienced an earthquake evacuation in Mexico City in the midst of the pandemic. She raises some interesting concerns, particularly on the challenge of implementing social distancing during a natural disaster.

25 June 2020

Tensions between China and India in the aftermath of the Galwan Valley clashes

Border tensions between China and India which peaked due to the Galwan Valley clashes are unlikely to result in a conflict in the near-term; however, both sides will not scale back military activities along their shared borders.

23 June 2020

Uprising: Police Brutality in India

Continuing a series of articles examining racial discrimination, police brutality and mass protesting across the world, we explore the long-standing issue of police violence targeting minority communities and protesters in India.

18 June 2020

Travelling while LGBT: how to have fun while staying safe

More countries are cautiously allowing travel to resume right in time for Pride Month. While there is much work to be done until LGBT communities feel welcome in every part of the world, LGBT travellers can still stay safe and have fun by taking additional precautions before and during travel.