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05 June 2020

SARS vs. COVID-19: Old Lessons and New Challenges

Despite SARS having a higher fatality rate, COVID-19 has proved to be much more difficult to contain and has resulted in a greater number of fatalities and related social and economic repercussions.

02 June 2020

Uprising: anti-police brutality protests in the United States

In the first in a series of articles examining racial discrimination, police brutality and mass protesting, we look at the George Floyd protests as the latest – and unlikely to be the last – episode in the history of a country gripped by violence sparked by police killings of people of colour.

29 May 2020

Kenya: COVID-19 lockdown measures facilitate increase in police violence

Measures and restrictions triggered by the outbreak of COVID-19 have laid the ground for increased police violence in Kenya, resulting in over a dozen fatalities, threatening to overtake the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus infection itself.

27 May 2020

Test, trace and isolate: Iceland's simple secrets to fighting COVID-19

Iceland is one of the world's few success stories when it comes to fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, utilising a simple textbook strategy of testing, contact tracing and isolation.

22 May 2020

Imagining travel in a post-coronavirus world

The coronavirus pandemic will likely change the way we travel forever, with public health concerns likely taking precedence over privacy and civil liberties

18 May 2020

Collateral effects of COVID-19 restrictions: discrimination and abuse

Increased cases of discrimination and abuse have been reported across the globe as an unintended consequence of COVID-19 related restrictions. What steps can be undertaken by authorities and what role should employers play in mitigating and responding to their employees' well-being?