Our 24/7 Risk Alerts are short reports - consisting of less than 600 characters - that focus on the impact of political, security and travel-related incidents worldwide on your operations, travel plans, assets and safety. On an annual basis we produce more than 20,000 Alerts, which are sent via API or email to our clients and partners.

The service is traveller focused, ensuring your personnel and expatriates have access to timely, accurate information and advice at all times. Travel security processes and duty of care responsibilities are streamlined during a crisis through timely reporting of ‘on the ground’ information.

All alerts are accompanied by precise data including a Risk Level, category, affected regions and/or airports and geographic coordinates. Our Alerts Dashboard provides live updates for the latest Alerts around the world in real time.

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"Riskline provides us with accurate, timely, detailed and thorough travel security content to help inform our 24/7 operations center and safeguard clients all over the world."
Michael Ballard, Lead Intelligence Analyst from Global Guardian

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Country Reports

We assess the security and travel situation for more than 220 countries and territories, examining each through the lenses of politics, terrorism, crime and several other categories.

City Reports

We analyse the safety and security risks of travel to more than 240 of the most visited and most dangerous urban environments around the world.

Special Reports

For major international events, regional natural disasters and other exceptional circumstance, we provide detailed special reports about what to expect and how to stay safe.

Daily Brief

This newsletter is a collection of significant recent incidents and a preview of the most anticipated events for the upcoming day, delivered at the start of your work day.


Advisories provide an in-depth assessment of security and travel issues, while remaining concise and easy to read. Topics covered in Advisories include high risk geographic areas, current security trends and major upcoming events, such as elections or international sporting events.  

Pre-Travel Advisory (PTA)

Pre-Travel Advisories (PTAs) are concise reports that feature a summary of important safety and security information for a given destination. Travellers get the right amount of information, with links to full reports if they want to learn more.

Country and City Maps

Risk Maps compliment our Country and City Reports by providing a geographic visualisation of potential threats and hazards. High risks areas are easily identifiable, allowing travellers and managers to quickly understand the situation on the ground.

Customised Portals

Riskline offers customised web portals, which can be accessed from any device using any operating system. Each portal has access to all of our content and can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Country reports can be acquired as a standalone feature. Contact us for prices.

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