Risk Assessment is in our DNA

Riskline is a world-class travel risk intelligence company. We provide country and city risk assessments and real-time alert messaging to fulfil Duty of Care requirements before and during travel. Trusted by global travel management companies, small businesses and everyone in between, Riskline has been in operation since 2007 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What We Do

At Riskline, we provide risk assessments for hundreds of destinations around the world – countries, territories, regions, cities. Every hour of every day, we monitor the world's political crises, security developments and travel news. For breaking incidents, we send an initial alert message within minutes and follow up with updates as the situation develops.

What we monitor

We built our own custom tool to monitor open source intelligence (OSINT). Each day, we review the most important developments from hundreds of thousands of local media sources and social media feeds around the world. We also track the latest government travel advisories and bulletins from law enforcement, emergency services, security forces and disaster relief agencies.

How we assess risk

We assess risk in every report using Risk Levels™. Our methodology is based on internationally recognised risk management procedures and consists of five levels: Low, Moderate, Medium, High and Extreme.

Who We Are

Riskline is a diverse team of professionals who share a passion for politics, an addiction to the news and – above all – a dedication to travel security. While we come from a variety of different backgrounds and work from diverse locations around the globe, we share a common understanding of the importance of keeping people safe.

Join our team

We’re always looking for great people to join our team. So if you’re interested in politics, security or travel – or if you’re just a news junkie – we encourage you to submit an application. We'll contact qualified candidates when have open positions available.

Send an application

Our team members come to us from a wide range of backgrounds and education. Riskline analysts often have specific knowledge of a certain region, with relevant language skills, or may be experts in a particular field of politics or security. We also offer internships for students or recent graduates looking for experience in risk management or security. All our analysts and interns work remotely and are located across the globe.

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